Sunday, June 28, 2009


Notice the fireplace in the lounge?
Entrance to St Andrew Hotel

Idyllic atmosphere.

Hotel has a beautiful and well-kept garden.

Flowers grow in abundance in the temperate climate.

One of the most beautiful hotels in Sri Lanka in my view is St Andrew Hotel, appropriately situated in the Hill Country or Little England on account of the temperate climate.

The colonial ambience is very much in evidence. Stepping inside the grounds and the interior of the hotel I could imagine what it was like in the colonial days.

In winter it can be very cold. The fireplace in your room is not for show but can be pressed into service to add some much needed warmth.
What cheered me was the presence of other bird life.The ubiquitous pesky crow is markedly absent in this part of Sri Lanka.

It's a 15 min walk from the town of Nuwara Elliya to the hotel which is on the outskirts.

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