Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nuwara Elliya, Sri Lanka

Indian restaurant in town.
Beggar appraising the day's haul.

The spicy fillings pack a knock-out punch.

Without doubt, the best thing about Nuwara Elliya is the cool temperate climate, and the rustic atmosphere outside town to which I could easily reach in a mere 15 minutes. Wandering aimlessly was a real delight in the crisp cool weather.

For those who live to eat, Nuwara Elliya will not disappoint. It has a number of nice restaurants, where the waiters are rather chatty, and Indian coffee shops.

However, I was disappointed to see quite a number of beggars in Nuwara Elliya. They grabbed my legs, imploring me to donate some of my rupees. They looked like "professional" beggars to me.

Honestly the nicer hotels and guesthouses are outside town but that entails a good 20- minute walk to town. Nuwara Elliya is not a pedestrian-friendly place. However, I noticed new sidewalks being built.
Staying right in town means easy access to the restaurants and transport services.The bus station is right in town.


  1. Your postings say a lot about you, your eye for detail and interest in the greens of trees, browns of earth and the human species. Remarkable and soothing images that bring out the best in thumbnail snatches of an old world forgotten.

  2. Truly an endeavour into detail. The devil is in the details? Very good compositions with interesting photo angles.

  3. Thank you sir. Hope you enjoy my rambles. If there's anything I should add or substract, kindly let me know.