Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nuwara Eliya, Little England (Sri Lanka)

The historic 100-year old post office.
Flowers in abundance in the temperate climate.

St Andrew Hotel's gardens.

Nuwara Eliya

Heritage Hotel

Whenever I told Sri Lankans that I'd be going to Nuwara Eliya they'd give me a puzzled look.

"Where?" they asked.

"Nuwara Eliya," I stressed.

"Oh, Nuwara Eliya," they said, smiling broadly as they finally understood what I was saying. And we would burst out laughing.

The crux of the problem was in my pronunciation. "Eliya" needs to be pronounced with a marked roll of the tongue.

And then they enthused, "Oh, Little England. In Sri Lanka we call the place Little England because it's cold up there."

And cold it certainly was the three days I was there since it was raining, necessitating at least four layers of clothing. They are right in dubbing Nuwara Eliya "Little England".

When I arrived the whole town was in the midst of a victory celebration over the defeat of the Tamil Tigers. I joined them in their wild celebrations.

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