Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Crispy bread being delivered to the shops.

Hey, help me to carry and you get a free loaf.
As any traveller would tell you, food can make or break your trip.
If you like spicy and curried food, Sri Lankan food will have you frothing at the mouth. But if not, you are going to have a problem. In my two weeks tramping around the country I didn't see a single McDonald or KFC or even a local version.
Fortunately, bread in all sorts of variations is widely available, even in villages. Perhaps, this is a legacy from colonial days.
So there were days when I couldn't stand another day of spicy and curried food, bread came to the rescue. Plus the odd cake which Sri Lankan also love.


  1. Really good quality bread. Like the ones sold in the 60s, when the Indian breadman sold them on bicycles at six in the morning.
    Miss them.

  2. You're right about that. Thanks for the memory. A bakery in SL will be a booming business. If Bread Talk opens a chain of shops there it will be a runaway success.