Friday, June 5, 2009

Sri Lanka trains

One of the many tunnels in the hill country.
A train ride in the hill country is an unforgetable experience.

Lovers of old steam- engine trains will swoon over this beauty.

A steam -engine train in Sri Lanka
I love riding in trains. There's something romantic about travelling in a train as it whizzes past little huts in the countryside, monkeys lazying in tress, farmers bent over their fields and people hurrying home.
In Sri Lanka the steam-engine trains may be old but their engines are still powerful enough to haul their carriages up into the hill country.
It was slow travel and hot in the carriage but the unfolding lush greenery in the country took my breath away. It was exciting leaning out of the train with the trees almost within touching distance.
The bus may be faster but give me the train anytime.


  1. Patience, stamina and a quiet peace within to experience such a ride. But it is truly a remarkable achievement.

    How many Singaporeans are like Mr Roger Poh?

  2. This is not a steam engine. This is a diesel electric from Brush - UK. These locos usually can be seen on tracks hauling local passenger trains elsewhere in the country. In Sri Lanka there is a steam-powered train called "Viceroy Special" and tourists can reserve it and ride on it.