Friday, June 4, 2010

Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo

A must-see in Tokyo is the famous Tsujiki fish market but I had to get up at 4AM to make it to the fish auction. This is a normal fish market and not just for show for the benefit of tourists. After the visit most visitors will have an early breakfast of seafood at the many restaurants in the area but the prices are cut-throat really.


  1. But Japan is expensive. Just try the seafood once. In Singapore, it's just as cut-throat.

  2. Here in Japan, everything is real expensive, from food to consumer goods eg. a 4GB SD card in Spore costs only 17 bucks but here it's a whopping 30 dollars.

  3. I've heard so much about Tsukiji fish market a.k.a Tsukiji shij┼Ź! I've never been there, but I'd definitely LOVE to spend one whole day exploring the entire market place.

    WOW! You witnessed the famous tuna auction. Roger, that's AWESOME! Did you noticed the buyers/agents were holding a piece of torchlight? It's a simple tool to examine the meat texture.

    They grab some fresh tuna meat (usually from the tail) and squeezed it gently with their hands to select the BEST tuna before the auction starts.


  4. That's right. Some tourists don't realise these fish can be hugely expensive and touch them so now they've put a limit on the number of visitors.

    This is a real working market and not some kind of exhibition.