Sunday, June 20, 2010

Riding the bullet train in Japan.

An experience not to be missed in Japan is riding the Shinkansen or the bullet train.

The train goes like a bullet really.

The Japan Rail Pass is worth it only if you make a return trip to Osaka from Tokyo.

Sleek and super fast.

TLR: his second time on the bullet train.

Ticket inspector

Aircraft-like interior.

And, finally, I was pleasantly surprised to see attendants wheeling food trolleys - just like in an aircraft except that you have to open your wallet!

Hopefully, if I go to S Korea in autumn I'll be able to tell you whose bullet train experience is better because they have something similar.


  1. yeah... i used to go to tokyo by shinkansen from hiroshima :) but if from osaka, i will just take the night bus... much cheaper for a student :p

  2. As a student naturally you had to watch your yen. Btw, I can't make comments on your blog. Don't know why.