Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Travels in Japan: How good is Japanese English?

Ask for panties if you're a man!

This is called an American Dog!

Japanese English can be a bit funny as illustrated by the examples above. English in China wins the top prize for weirder English however.

On the whole, most Japanese I came across could understand English although they cannot speak it fluently. It seems their understanding of written English is much better than their spoken English. I had no problem making myself understood. I find the Japanese more competent than the Thais and Chinese.


  1. You must have heard of the joke about political discussion between a Jap and an American.

    Jap told American: We have erection once in 4 years.

    American replied: I have mine every night!

  2. Haha...but the Japanese I think find the "r" hard to pronounce.

  3. No, didn't see any Japanese Dog only the 4-legged variety.

    Maybe, the Japanese Dog is found in USA! LOL.

  4. Its really funny....really Japanese English is just like jokes...location majorque