Saturday, June 5, 2010

People-watching in Tokyo, Japan

I found it interesting to watch ordinary Japanese people going about their daily lives in Tokyo. They are very polite people, and have a very high level of civic-consciousness. Tokyo, and elswhere, is very clean and well-organised. Everything works, and public toilets are remarkably clean



  1. Saw a man in Tokyo once, looking for a bin to throw his cigarette end after stubbing it out on his palm. Shame Singapore, shame!

    The Japanese are non-chalant and do not communicate with foreigners. At airport immigration notices foreigners are categorised under 'ALIENS'.

    Are there foreigners working in Japan? Saw only one Indian gentleman working in Shinjuku area (2008) where there are supposed to be many.

  2. 1. Hi, Waqasali, welcome.

    2. Andy, I've been looking for "dirt" but couldn't find any, even in backlanes.

    From personal experience, Japaneses people are friendly and helpful. They appear unfriendly because of their inability to speak English and don't wish to give offense.

    Wow, my few words of Japanese have helped to break the ice.

  3. I agree. Very clean country. And the food is great huh? Healthy too.

    Your pictures are alive, lots of movement, which is what Japan is all about. Busy, busy, busy but organised and cultured.

  4. Hey Roger, are you still in Japan?

    I have to agree with you. Japanese definitely have a very high level of civic-consciousness. There is a saying "Never Lost, but Found in Japan". Lost-and-found centers exist all over Japan. Here is an interesting article from New York Times "Never Lost, but Found Daily: Japanese Honesty":

    Also, criminals in Japan will be punished severely. It makes you think twice about committing a serious crime in Japan :)

  5. Yes, back a few days ago. Yes, I saw police posts all over Tokyo.