Sunday, June 20, 2010

Japan Rail Pass

My Japan Rail Pass for 7 days. It shows the start and end date.

Before I left for Japan I bought the Japan Rail Pass in Singapore for SGD $456 which entitled me to 7 days of unlimited travel on both ordinary and the Shinkansen (bullet train).

The bullet train is fantastic. The interior is spacious,and looks like an aircraft. In fact, it sounds like one too. And those of you who have a bladder problem will be pleased to learn that the toilets are super clean! Haha. In more than 40 years of operation it has never met with any accident.

And it's  fast as it can reach speed of up to 300 kph. From Tokyo to Kyota, a distance of 471 km takes it only about 2hrs 15 min

It's worth buying the Japan Pass. With it I travelled as far south as Hiroshima, and other cities like Kobe, Osaka, Nara and Kyoto.


  1. That's about $65.00 a day. Reasonable in Japan considering that it's an expensive country to be in. I guess you had to plan and time your travel extensively?

  2. Andy, you're right. Crucial one plans properly to fully utilise the pass. With Japan Pass, one can zip all over Japan in great comfort and speed. And the best part is connectivity is excellent.

  3. I loved using my pass. Has to be the most convenient way to see Japan. A pretty good tip is to use the Coin Lockers at the stations to stash your luggage before you go out and see the sights. That way you pretty much travel light for the while journey:

  4. Thanks for the tip. Didn't make use of it as I had only a day pack.

  5. hello what are the stamps on the left side of your pass?

  6. Those stamps don't concern the traveller. They're are for their administrative purpose I guess. Only those on the right are relevant to us.