Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sapa Tribal People,Vietnam

H'mong girls roam Sapa town selling souvenirs to tourists, and they speak pretty good English too. Note the capacious basket the girl is carrying on her back.
Villages dot the valley. You can trek in the valley, and stay at a little hut like this.
Valley with neatly terraced fields for food cultivation.

H'mong baby accompanies mum on shopping trip.

Mt Fansipan (3143 m) is the highest peak in Vietnam and the whole of Indochina.. If Mt Everest is the roof of the world, then Fansipan is the roof of Indochina.
In Sapa, the tribal people fascinated me. Maybe in a past life I was one of them. The mountains, the valley and the rustic life will not fail to impress you. Life is slow and peaceful. I don't know about you but it suits me eminently.


  1. Interesting to see H'mong girls dressed in their traditional costume even in public places.

    The green valley is beautiful. I really love those lush greenery.

    I also want those simple, stress free and peaceful lifestyle :)


  2. You would certainly love to trek here, Alex!

  3. I'm traveling abroad again. Starting with Thailand. Still planning my trip.

    It must be a great experience trekking on the green valley - enjoying the lush greenery and meeting the tribes.

  4. Yes, good to hear you are travelling to Thailand. A repeat trip I presume? Hope you can speak some Thai. Sawatdee kap kun Alex!