Friday, August 14, 2009

Fraser's Hill, Malaysia

The entrance to Fraser's Hill remains largely the same.
Fraser's Hill Corporation office with its hotel wing.
The golf course.
The golf club house.
The much photographed clock tower in "town".

The last time I went to Fraser's Hill, I stayed in a charming but crumbling old bungalow but on this trip i was astonished at the transformation that has taken place.

The Fraser's Hill Corporation that oversees the bungalows is now spanking new, with a hotel wing attached.

The old bungalows have also undergone a complete renovation, and are now privatised.

From Yong Peng on the North-South Highway, I veered off onto the old trunk road to Labis, Segamat, Gemas, Bahau, Durian Tipus, Manchis, Telemong, Karak Highway, Bentong to Fraser's Hill.

Any mention of Fraser's Hill inevitably draws comparison with the other popular hill resort of Cameron Highlands. I'll touch on this point in future posts.


  1. Hi, nice blog you have there, pretty informative too.

    By the way, before Fraser Hill Town Center, do you remember passing by a Hindu shrine? I think that was where Sir Henry Gurney was assassinated by the communists.

  2. Yes, what could have been a pleasant outing turned out to be a tragedy. When was your last visit to FH?

  3. Nope, I have never been to FH.

  4. Roger, one big question!!!

    Any jungle trekking???

    Honestly, I have to say Fraser's Hill is a mundane place. The only thing that attract me to Fraser's Hill is jungle trekking.

    The local council can do a better job by making the place more attractive and wholesome. Cameron Highlands is five times better than Fraser's Hill.


  5. Yes, Fraser's Hill is not for those who crave shopping and nightlife (Cameron offers all this). Those who love birdwatching, trekking, peace and quiet and walks in the cool air will like Fraser's Hill. Cameron Highlands is my favourite frankly. We only did some trekking on the shorter trails, and a bit of Pine Tree Trail. From your blog's account, I agree that this trail is much tougher than the one in CH that goes up to the summit of Gunung Beremban.

  6. I still prefer Cameron Highlands. I enjoy exploring the tea plantation, veggie farm and also the 'authentic' lush greenery!

    By the way, very few visitors actually stay overnight. Mostly day visitors. I don't understand the necessity to have so many hotels over there. The council really need to do more to make this place 'alive' again. A quick check on wikitravel...I found out Fraser's Hill was written as a place for three things "Hiking", "Golf" & "Tennis".'s_Hill

    Waiting for your next post!!

  7. Your observation is correct. Only foreign visitors stay overnight while Malaysians are day trippers. When I was there, it was almost deserted. If they are serious about promoting Fraser's Hill, better accessibility is essential. Sadly, even the bus services have been suspended.

  8. Yes, the place is deserted on weekdays. I noticed a lot of Malaysians come up over the weekend.