Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sapa, Vietnam

The hill resort of Sapa in north-west Vietnam
H'mong girls at a church service.

It was a humbling experience to see simple country folks like the H'mong worshipping with such fervour in a church. I joined them, and sitting in their midst it was moving to see such a strong belief in their faith. Though their faith was shining bright, the church building has seen better days, and urgently needs a bit of renovation. The church has a dark secret: a priest was murdered here.


  1. Honestly, it's a beautiful place and I wish I could manage such a journey. But this dark secret about a murder? That's a little scary. But then, what's a church without its past?

  2. You are perceptive here. Many murder mysteries have the church as the setting e.g. novels by P D James.

  3. Wow, Roger's with his travel mate, a beautiful silver streak Nissan Cefiro. That's a beaut man!
    John Lim

  4. Ya, the Lone Ranger and his horse Silver, is it?

  5. Nice caption!!!

    First knowing H'mong tribe practicing Christianity.

  6. Yes, I've heard of such people converted to Christianity but it was the first time I came up close to them, and at a church service too.