Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trekking in Fraser's Hill, Malaysia

Pine TreeTrail: the toughest of the lot. Notice the information boards to my left. They give useful information as to the length of the trek, and flora and fauna to look out for.
This is why people come to Fraser's Hill for: to trek and to bask in the beauty of nature.

For photography buffs, Fraser's Hill is a gem.

There are 4 trekking trails in Fraser's Hill, the start of each is very clearly signposted (unlike those in Cameron Highlands, see earlier posts on this).

Of the four trails, only one is tough - the Pine Tree trail which is 7 km long, taking about 4 hours to reach the summit and another 3.5 hours for the return trip. Some parts are rather steep as they are in fact mountain slopes. Leeches also lie in wait for a blood transfusion.

As it's a whole day trip, careful preparations must be made in terms of proper attire, food, water and so on. This is no theme park! It's a real jungle out there, friend.

It's a tough, lung- busting trek but for those who are fit and don't have any underlying health problem, it's exciting and enjoyable. The latest time you must leave the summit is 2pm. Bear in mind the jungle is thick so it starts to get quite dark earlier.

Before going on the trek it's prudent to inform your hotel.

For a description of the Pine Tree trail I'd like to refer you to
Check out his Pine Tree Trail trekking experience.


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