Thursday, August 27, 2009

Images of Sapa, Vietnam

Walking past H'mong homes I noticed that the little kids were looked after by their older siblings. Their parents were nowhere to be seen, presumably working in the fields.
I stayed in this hotel, appropriately named Tulip Hotel, which cost me US$5. The room was spacious with attached toilets and hot water. Mine was on the top level, affording me a panoramic view of the mountains. I spent much of my time on the balcony reading, eating lychee and gazing at the distant mountains beyond which lies Yunnan in China. Hotels in Vietnam are excellent value for money.

Water from a waterfall rushing downstream. To reach the waterfall I had to trek all the way down to the valley. The return journey was, arrgh..., up,up,up......On the way up, a group of Vietnamese students enlisted my help in practising their English. I didn't mind as it helped to distract attention away from my aching legs.

Even horses find the steep roads of Sapa a huge challenge.


  1. Shades of Conrad! You took us deep into the heart of brightness, Roger. Wish the Americans would read this. Thanks.

  2. The flip side of Heart of Darkness? A friend who went to Vietnam recently was amazed at the warm welcome accorded to Americans.