Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sapa, Vietnam

Busy Sapa market on a Saturday.
H'mong tribe people throng the market. Note the huge rattan shopping basket they carry on their backs

These are the beautiful mountains in northern Vietnam. Beyond them is Yunnan in China. Northern Vietnam is mountainous, ideal for trekking.

Apart from Halong Bay in North Vietnam, the cool mountain resort of Sapa north-west of Hanoi is another must-see attraction. An overnight train ride from Hanoi is all it takes to reach the area. What draw visitors to Sapa are the people from the various hill tribes in the north and the beautiful mountain ranges bordering Yunnan in China. For the hardy, a trek to the villages or mountains is a priority. In the crisp cool air of Sapa, your spirits soar and all your anxiety melts away. No kidding.


  1. Interesting to see H'mong tribe still dressed in their traditional costume.

    Back here in Malaysia, we have orang asli or aboriginal people. Sadly, most of them discarded their traditional way of living. I was disappointed to witness the effect of wanton modernisation to this community.


  2. The msian authorities want to modernise your orang asli. I share your disappointment in this regard.The Penan seem to be resisting a similar onslaught.

  3. Nothing like having our own costumes and traditions. Sarong kebaya also nobody pakai. So sad.
    I like the natural, organised, peaceful crowd at the market.
    Beautiful pictures. Candid too.

  4. People dump traditions in favour of the so-called modernisation.