Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hanoi, Vietnam

For me street life is every country is unique, and I found Vietnam fascinating as it's very much different from Singapore which is cosmopolitan and ultra modern. Here an inter-city bus had just arrived, and people were waiting patiently for the goods to be unloaded from the bus roof (note the the conical hats worn by the women).

Bottled gas sold by the roadside. No, the woman is not a masked warrior belonging to some secret sect -the mask is ward off the swirling dust and air pollution, the latter thanks to the millions of motor-bikes in Vietnam.

Don't scoff at this skinny bike - it's capable of herculean tasks.

June is the lychee season. So cheap that I had them for lunch and dinner.

I'm sure the manufacturer of this three-wheeler didn't have this in mind.