Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bako National Park, Sarawak, Part 2 of 3

My purpose in going to Bako was to trek and  to see some wildlife particularly the proboscis monkeys which thrive here.

A 15-minute boat ride was all it took to reach Bako. As it was low tide, we had to get off some way from the beach and wade in the water (wear slippers).

Bako beach

                               Four hours later, I'd not have the energy to smile for the camera.

                               The easy part but it gets tough as the trail climbs and dips endlessly for four hours.

I was on the lookout for croc. None : (

The varied terrain.

Scorching hot. Sweat was pouring off my limbs like a leaky pipe.

One misstep will send you tumbling into the stream. Hot, hot!

A glorious view from the hilltop.

Don't be a hero. Bring food, snacks and two big bottles of water. Heat stroke is a possibility so consider a hat/cap or umbrella.

I was disappointed in not being able to spot any wildlife. But Bako is rich in birdlife, and I was delighted to spot some birds I'd never seen before.


  1. WOW! Four hours trekking under the torturing sun??? That's insane!!!

    I guess the proboscis monkeys and crocs were all hiding from the sun :)


  2. You may be right or perhaps I was on the wrong trail!

  3. Another adventurous back-packing trip. I salute you, Roger.

    This is the first time I heard of Bako.

  4. Yes, first time for me too. And a pretty lass. Are the ladies as friendly as the Bako eco-system?