Monday, May 24, 2010

Bako National Park, Sarawak Part 3 (final)

Canteen: reasonably priced food and drinks. Beer drinkers will rejoice.

Storm brewing at Bako.

In the evening what better way to while away the time than...
to watch the sunset?

Western backpackers clambering on board for the return trip.
Boatman Anuar: "Sometimes backpackers cheat me by claiming they've paid the fare."


  1. Roger, the second picture is a master piece. Beautiful!

  2. Bako makes for a nice trip. Try it, Teoh.

  3. To me the first picture is... Did you talk to the lass? Must visit Bako. Where's Yan's picture?

  4. Andy, honestly I didn't realise she was in my peripheral vision. Her hubby/BF gave me the evil look because I took a few shots in the hope of capturing the evening mood as people settled down for dinner. Possibly he thought I was trying to be sneaky but you know what a pious man I am, and couldn't possibly descend into such indiscreet conduct :p

  5. But there are other pretty ladies too. The Western backpackers look friendly. You should ask them what they pack.

    Wow, wish I had been there. To view the scenery (mountains, valleys and lakes).

  6. Memang Ada gadis lain yg menarik. I'll be back to Bako. Itu lah pasti.

  7. Mountains, valleys and lakes. Vital statistics of Lady Bako must be explored thoroughly. From the mountains, to the valley and finally the lake where mystery and the dense forest lies.

    Next time, I'll go visit with you.

  8. Wah, waxing poetic..hebat lah.

    The pull factor about Kuching is that their national parks are well-maintained, unlike those in W Malaysia, and most within an hour or two from the capital. I'll be back.

  9. Agree with BC Teoh. I wanted to say WOW! when I looked at Picture 2 & 4. Stunning and magical landscape!