Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thailand's political unrest: GAIN for INDO-CHINA

According to a Straits Times report, the political unrest in Thailand has made travellers from Singapore look at other travel destinations like Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Those who have not travelled to Indochina will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable these countries are apart from the fact that they're just a short plane ride away.

Having been under France's colonial rule, these countries still retain traces of French influence. To me the best example are the cosy cafes, especially in Vietnam.

Unless you're on Forbes list as one of the richest in Singapore, most people think of cost when they travel. Having travelled in all the Indo-Chinese countries, I can tell you that the cost of accommodation, food and transport is extremely affordable as pointed out earlier. I hesitate to say "dirt-cheap".

For instance, for US $5 to $15 you can get a nice double room with an attached shower and toilet (even air-conditioning at the higher end).

Venturing a bit further is the gem of an island in Sri Lanka. Travel features in newspapers and magazines routinely rave about the island.

So Thailand's loss is other countries' gain.

Unmistakable example of French influence in Laos. Do you know why?

                                Vang Vieng in Laos will reward those who make the effort to get there.

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