Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shenzhen's shopping madness

In the first two weeks of 2010, I went to Shenzhen and Hainan Island in China to spend the winter. Except for some theme parks, Shenzhen is a  concrete jungle devoted largely to business.

Shenzhen's skyline

Shenzhen is just across the border from Hong Kong.

Shopping mall in Luo Hu

Luo Hu is noted for three things: shopping madness, a transport hub and the immigration and customs point for entry into Hong Kong. It was the shopping madness that grabbed my attention. From trinkets, handphones, remote-controlled helicopters, tailors, arts and  crafts, jade to restaurants can be found here. Want to have a dental implant? Welcome!

Store selling kites.

A popular shopping mall.

I nearly made a suit here (SGH $50) The fifth level is choked with tailors. Prices for most stuff in Luo Hu are slightly higher than in, say, Guangzhuo (a short train ride away).


  1. Fantastic and within a few years too. The last time I saw this city, it was still growing.

  2. WOW! Looks like futuristic MEGACITY in the making!

  3. And the photographs are definitely professionally taken. You have improved much with your photography.

    Pity! No images of 'Xiao Long Nu' (Little Dragon Girls).

  4. Alex, some of China's cities dwarf even New York.

    XLN akan datang, Andy.

  5. Actually, the weather was not conducive for taking pictures as the skies were grey and polluted most of the time.

  6. You really had a long long holiday.

    I was in awe to see such a developed Shenzhen.