Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shenzhen, China

I am now in Shenzhen, China.

It's strictly a business city really, and my impression is that it's a concrete jungle. Skyscrapers and huge shopping centres predominate.

For shopping addicts,  the humongous Dongmen shopping centre must not be missed. It's packed to the rafters every day, and the bargains to be found here  will leave you gasping for breath. At this time of the year, winter jackets, winter wear,  boots are the rage. Sports shoes are piled sky high outside shops, all  going for a song. You will leave Shenzhen with your pockets lighter but your spirits higher!

Even Starbucks and MacDonald's have a strong presence here.

There are theme parks and parklands on the outskirts, the latter are some of the  most beautiful in China according to some travel guides.

And if you tire of Shenzhen, you can always hop over to Hong Kong, a spitting distance away by commuter train (no derogatory nuance here).


  1. Hey Roger! Long time no 'see' :)

    WOW! Shenzhen China!!! Is this trip for business or pleasure? Remember to post some pictures :)

    Happy Roaring Tiger Year!

  2. For pleasure, Alex. Can't post pics so got to wait till I get home. Can only bring you stories for the time being. Visited your blog but unable to post comments - don't know why. Maybe it's the Great Firewall of China.

    Tomorrow I fly off to Hainan Island via Shenzhen Airlines.

    Happy Tiger Year!

    The beer here is dirt cheap, only SGD 0.60 cents or RM $1.20. Yup, beer is cheaper than coke! Yam seng....

  3. My reply Alex has disappeared. Seems the Great Firewall of China at work in the background...

  4. Wow, another trip! Looking forward to reading interesting stories of you trip.

    Have a great trip!

  5. yeah shenzhen shenzhen... do more shopping many cheap stuff there... enjoy ya

  6. Hi Roge,
    Your sms was well received but I couldn't reply. Hope you are enjoying your stay.