Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Best travel destinations by Lonely Planet

My favourite mode of transport to Chiengmai and back to Bangkok is the train. I'd get a sleeper, have a restful sleep and by morning arrive at my destination.

According to travel guide guru, Lonely Planet, among the top ten travel destinations are Iceland (No 1), Malaysia and Singapore.

Having travelled to Thailand many times its No 2 spot comes as no surprise. In  my view there are  7 reasons for its best-value tag:

  1. reasonable cost of accommodation
  2. cheap food
  3. friendly people
  4. interesting culture
  5. safety
  6. reasonable transport costs
  7. beautiful beaches
Have you been to P'ai in Thailand? More about this destination in future posts.


  1. Usually, I cannot sleep in a train even with a sleeper cabin. The clanking sound during the wee hours is maddening :(

    Roger, your blog post caught my attention! I just read another similar article published in The Star paper today (4th November 2009). "Lonely Planet puts Malaysia among best-value places to visit"

    Here is the link:

    I also LOVE Thailand - travelers' heaven :) So many things to see. Rich in culture and most importantly great people!


  2. Yes, the noise and sudden judders can be maddening but I don't know how come I can doze off.

    The Star newspaper indeed is ecstatic with the news.

    Where's your next destination?

  3. Not sure about my next destination. Fellow blogger and traveler (xplorer) recommended Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary in Pahang. Look like a nice place.

    Here is the official portal: