Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Beer Lao by the Mekong River, Vientiane, Laos

In my view, if you haven't had a drink by the Mekong River, your cool factor is zero.

Atap- roofed cafes lined the river bank. I had a Beer Lao which some some say is the best beer in the region. Hey, Heineken, are you listening?

Teetotallers are not left out. At least you can say you had had coconut juice by the Mekong River! When night falls, the area is filled with foodstalls and Laotians lounging on straw mats and dining under the stars.

I'm one of those who must have coffee for breakfast. As in Thailand, for breakfast the locals prefer noodles.  Fortunately I found this place after a search on my bicycle. Notice the boiler outside the coffee shop?

A Laotian coffee shop in Vientiane.There aren't many of such coffee shops so I made a mental note to return to this place for lunch. Laotian noodle dishes are similar to Thai ones.


  1. The Laotian coffee shop look like a typical Malaysian shop :)

    The first picture reminds me of a drunken gwailo in Langkawi Island. Alcoholic drinks are CHEAP in Langkawi.

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  2. wow... did u drink beerlao?? i miss laos >.<

  3. Ya, Beer Lao all the way to the north. How did you find Beer Lao when you were in Laos?

  4. Better, cooler and definitely better priced than our corner HDB coffee shops and food outlets.