Friday, October 22, 2010

Kopan Monastery, Kathmandu, Part 2 of 3

Started by a few Tibetan lamas in the early 70s, the Kopan Monastery today is a world-renowned instituttion for the study of Buddhist philosophy and meditation. It offers residential courses, and students come from all over the world.

I took about an hour to tour the complex. I met some visitors from Singapore, In fact, a monk told me Singapore is one of their most committed financial supporters.

To my surprise, Kopan Monastery is well-landscaped and well-maintained.


  1. Beautiful monastery. I am not a religious man but I LOVE Buddhist culture and art...a lot!

    Meaningful quote from Mr. Dalai Lama. Hey Roger, are you using Facebook? Dalai Lama is! Check this out:

  2. Me too. I like Buddhist philosophy. Have you read any of Dalai Lama's books?

    Yes, Im on Facebook.

    A friend of mine says he might go to Kopan Monastery for a meditation course.