Sunday, October 31, 2010

Crazy Thamel (Street Life), Kathmandu Part 2 of 3

With its traffic-choked narrow street, Thamel is not pedestrian-friendly. What grates on my nerve is the constant honking by the vehicles that vie for space. However, the street life is both unexpected, colourful and interesting.

 I was both surprised and delighted to see bananas being sold everywhere in Nepal. Life saviour if you don't fancy Nepali food. They are locally grown.

I joined the locals for a cup of Nepali tea. A pity I didn't know the language.


  1. Thanks for the post, the pictures are amazing. I've been browsing through some discount travel vacations online looking for some trips to this area. My next main challenge will be working out my transportation when I get there, judging by your street pictures it should be interesting.

  2. When it came to inter-city travel, my first choice was the tourist bus for safety and comfort. Failing that I took public transport which meant ancient buses which were literally coming apart at the seams! If you are prepared to be squashed, public transport can be fun.