Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Laotian food in Luang Prabang, Laos

Street food:  Eating on the cheap in Luang Prabang

Food can make or break your trip. Food poisoning can be a nightmare. A fellow backpacker from Australia fell prey to it in Sabah, and was confined to bed for three days. Since I am quite cautious, I've been spared except for a mild case of food  poisoning in India. It seems everyone who goes to India inevitably suffers from food poisoning regardless of the precautions you take. Food that is fried properly on the spot is
generally safe from my experience. Food left in the open, cut fruits, raw veggies, ice cubes, cold drinks unless from a bottle, and milk products I avoid

I find Laotian food...not to my taste, put it this way. But one's man meat is another man's poison. What do you think of the food below?

My advice is when in doubt don't be greedy and eat. Unless, it's your last day on earth!


  1. I would not dare to try the food in pic 1 and 3 but the fried rice, fried chicken and sausage in pic 2 looked good. Would defintely try them if I were there.

  2. Food is food and like you mentioned, "One man's meat..." But the way it is presented on the platter is also important.

    The food I observe, is like the people - "down to earth".

  3. I wud like to try the pig's guts ...the middle, right side of the dish...similier with the Soondae in this zone...

  4. @all

    One man's heaven is another man's hell. Applies equally to food.

    The dishes here have all been left in the open possibly for quite some time. Tempting to eat but remind yourself you're travelling, and an attack of diarrhoe is certainly a nightmare on the next stage of your journey!

    Fried rice, fried properly on the spot, is my staple food when all else is deemed unacceptable. Never got any stomach upset from fried rice from Beijing to Bali.

  5. The sausages look appetizing to me :) I always LOVE spicy food. I might try the curry-like dishes in Picture 1.

    Usually, I'll avoid food that are not covered properly. I hate filthy flies!


  6. You have developed special instinct when it comes to what to eat and what not to eat during your journey.

    Sound advice. Thanks.

  7. Not my kind of meat! I prefer other type of sausages. I didn't get food poisoning in countries like India, Egypt, Indonesia, China but I got it in Singapore!

    Roger, I agree with you on eating food that's cooked on the spot. 2 other things that I
    - putting ice into my drinks (don't know what kind of water is used to make the ice), and
    - eating fruit that's not freshly cut.

  8. That's one of the ironies in life...getting food poisoning in squeaky clean Singapore and not in grotty places like India, Indonesia etc. It's a marvel how you escaped unscathed eating in India! Did you eat in nice restaurants all the time? Any street food?