Sunday, December 6, 2009

Best Way to End the Day in Luang Prabang, Laos

Boats on the Mekong:  Berthed for the night after unloading their cargoes of oranges, these boats will return to Thailand the next day.

After a hot and sweaty day exploring Luang Praband and its outskirts, the perfect way to end the day was a meal by the Mekong. And, of course, unfailingly with a Beer Lao. LOL. Give me the Mekong any time, and life would be perfect.


  1. Sunset scenes I always appreciate. And these two are the best I've seen. Now I understand why conducted tours are a no-no for many.

  2. Roger, you must LOVE Beer Lao. I've seen the two words (Beer Lao) in your Luang Prabang posts :)

    The golden sunset is BEAUTIFUL! Love the timing and composition for picture 1.


  3. Just plain lucky, that's all.

    Beerlao (saw the adverts in a SEA Games match this afternoon) is the way it's spelled. Not Beer Lao as I put it. Nice beer but when quaffed by the Mekong it becomes doubly nice. LOL. Air Asia flies to Vientiane I believe.