Friday, May 8, 2009

Vietnam - street life Part 2

Man hawking sunglasses.
A kitchen preparing food for the lunch-time crowd.
Getting his pushcart of food ready.
Cheap paper backs for backpackers. Quality is good except for maps and photos.

In Vietnam, the streets and sidewalks are where much of Vietnamese life is conducted. They are an extension of the home, serving as places to carry out small businesses, to socialise and to watch the world go by.


  1. Never been there. Hopefully to go there soon. So different from days of yore when, "Deer Hunter" was on in the theatres and the melody still haunts.
    Then came "Rambo", the explicitly, exaggerated tale of a toughie home from the ravages of Vietnam.
    Thank you for these images of this new life after years of agony.

  2. On hindsight, Rambo was a huge irony.